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Welcome, To About me.

My Name Is Simon – This Is My Website.

I have a history working with computers dating back to the 1980`s, it has always been an interest of mine from a very young age and was fortunate enough to have access to computers in the home I grew up in, as a child I started out playing games as most kids do, to then move on to making my own games by writing code, the first game I ever made was a bit like space invaders – a classic that all gamers should remember!

Computers I Worked On!

internet explorer image

Discover How The Internet Ticks

  • ZX81.
  • VIC 20.
  • AMIGA.
  • P.C



Along Came The P.C.

When the P.C came along we were introduced to the mouse – the new look screen – new ways of a computer`s functionality, personally I found it all a little intimidating at first but soon jumped in head first and started learning the way the p.c actually functioned, most of what I learned was a matter of trial and error and a lot of time working things out for myself.

With The P.C –  Came The Internet?

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Affiliate Cycle

I started using the internet immediately – I loved the idea of being able to search for anything I wanted via a search engine,I found eBay in its early days and started listing stuff for sale on there which was much better than listing in the local papers and awaiting a reply,I simply listed my stuff for sale on eBay and it sold itself quite easily,all left to do was packing it up and sending it off.

I got to thinking HOW are these websites actually appearing when I search for something on the internet, so I did some research on this subject and this is where I discovered – AFFILIATE MARKETING – I quickly found out I DO NOT have to have my own products to sell but can EASILY get access to thousands of other peoples/company`s products using their links and banners and make a commission on each sale I make, great ?

My Journey To Becoming An Affiliate.

First off, the only person I came across that explained how affiliate marketing works in an honest manner without the hype was a guy called jay Wessman from lazyassstoner.com – I found him on youtube, Scams !please see one of his many videos below.

NOTE:- ( some of jays techniques are now outdated but still worth the watch)

Affiliate Marketing For Dummies [IN PLAIN ENGLISH!]

Watch Out FScams!

Trust me when I say this I spent years wasting my time and money in the beginning,I found the internet was full of scams and get rich quick schemes that DO NOT work, in my experience ANY company asking for money upfront or giving you full access to the unexplained scheme they claim is going to make you money would raise the red flags for me as a scam – STAY WELL CLEAR – also,

scams image

Avoid Scams Online

MLM (Multi Level Marketing) where you normally have to buy into what they say is an amazing product, when the reality of it is they are making money by leading you to believe you are going to make money out of the product with all the marketing promotional materials they will give you along with your business in a box,they hold what they call seminars which are nothing but a load of PEP TALK leading you to believe what a success you will come in the near future, Money ?RUBBISH – STAY WELL CLEAR.

Never Pay Upfront For Anything That Is Suppose To MaMoney?

The Basics Of Affiliate Marketing Are Quite Simple.

You become a middle man between the buyer and the seller, for each sale you make you are paid a commission for that sale, affiliate programs are ALL free to join, A Website the MAIN REQUIREMENT of becoming an affiliate to promote these products is – YOUR OWN WEBSITE – to place products on to, please see my page Build AWebsite Each product you have as an affiliate has your unique affiliate ID embedded into the link you generate from any affiliate program you join and is very easy to do once you know how.

Where did I learn Affiliate Marketing?

After years of research and a lot of confusion I found wealthy affiliate the perfect place to learn online business offering a FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP (no credit or bank details required), It taught me and still to this day teaches me more about affiliate marketing,They have an all in one dashboard which includes, see below.

  • Step By Step Video Training.

    free to join


  • Certification Courses.
  • Affiliate Bootcamp.
  • Website Builder.
  • Hosting.
  • Live Community Of Internet Entrepreneurs.
  • 24/7 live chat.
  • Classrooms.
  • Live Video Classes.
  • Keyword Tool.
  • Built In Affiliate Programs.

And Much Much More, If You Would Like To Know More About The Training Wealthy Affiliate Has To Offer Completely FREE Please See My Affiliate Marketing Training.

My Social Media Affiliate Marketing.

Using social media platforms like facebook – twitter – google plus – etc, Is fast become they way people interact and great for affiliate marketing as these are free platforms where you can share your website or direct links to affiliate products of your choice, you have probably noticed social media is changing fast with most content being adverts/sales rather than pictures of people`s Sunday dinners,social platforms are fast becoming a place for people to buy from,Affiliates`s can leverage from these platforms in a big way providing its done right (don’t spam all your friends).

I Would Like To Show You What I Mean?

Below Is a Couple Of Links To One Of My Social Profiles And One Of My Daughters I Work On Also As Admin.

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Get Social



You Can also Visit My Follow And Share

Icons On This Page

I have many more social profiles and pages for different niche markets,these profiles like facebook & Pinterest actually get ranked in the search engines like google – yahoo – bing – for people to find on the internet, all this and more is taught within wealthy affiliate training platform,please feel free to browse my website for more information also feel free to search the internet for bad reviews on wealthy affiliate as you will NOT find ANY as they are a completely 100% legit organization.

Thank you For Visiting This Website.

Contact Me.

E`Mail: support@howtoworkfromhomejobs.co.uk

Feedback & Comments: Please Leave Your Feedback & Comments In The Box Provided For You Below.

Your Feedback & Comments Are Very Important To Me.









  1. Sean

    Hey Simon,

    You sound like you’re very knowledgeable about computers!

    It’s funny, I remember the north of the internet too but, unlike you, I resisted it for a long time – didn’t really trust it. Still don’t, oddly enough.

    Online business really does seem to be an attractive option though. Are all the things you listed above included in the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate?


    • Hi Sean,
      In reply to your comment,i am knowledgeable about computer basics,although i can honestly say i didn`t know anything about internet marketing or how affiliate marketing worked until i came accross wealthy affiliate.

      I was a complete newbie to this side of computers until i joined wealthy affiliate and went through the training they offer on the platform,i stuck with the lessons on how to build websites and turn them into very lucrative online business`s without actually holding any stock by using affiliate programs such as amazon/Ebay and commision junction and many more alike.

      All the things listed on my blog/website are all included within the free starter membership at wealthy affiliate although some features will be locked after 7 days of joining like the 24/live chat and private messaging to the co owners kyle & Cason,if your thinking of joining then be sure you have the time to make the most of the first 7 days of training having these features unlocked to the community of entrepreneur`s to help you move along with your website/s.
      Wealthy affiliate is a trusted platform with half a million members growing daily,please dont hesitate to join up for the free starter membership as you have nothing to worry about and nothink to lose as its completely FREE with no obligation to upgrade to premium if you feel that its not for you.

      The free membership allows you to build two free wordpress websites which are hosted for free and are yours for a lifetime to work on whenever you wish,most serious people who want to learn more and are serious about starting an online business usually upgrade to premium just like i did,i now have 7 websites and also build sites for clients at their cost which is something i would of ever been able to acheive without the training & Tools at wealthy affiliate.
      I hope to see you over there sean,my profile name is jonsey41.
      Kind Regards,

  2. Paul

    Hey Simon,
    Very informative site you have here. I have always wanted to make money online but have been somewhat intimidated by the experience level needed to succeed. It seems like it was a wall that I placed there myself ! like I needed to become the worlds top expert in a niche to get ranking. Through your video I have learned a great deal about the importance of exploring less popular niches and get some much needed streams of income coming in. I will defiantly be stopping by frequently. I have recently joined WA as a premium member and it is awesome to see success in action.
    Best to you,

    • Hi Paul,
      Great to hear from a fellow member of wealthy affiliate,i can honestly say i felt intimidated like you mention in the begining of my journey, i kind of talked myself down i a way that someone like me could not accomplish such a thing as build a website and make money from it and was holding back from joining up to WA,i was also afraid it may have been another scam with there being so many online nowadays,i soon realised after joining wealthy affiliate that you do not need a degree in computers or IT to accomplish a lucrative online business,i now have a number of websites in which some of them are ranking on the 1st/2nd page of google out of millions of results,ive learned how to make my websites look good and readable on all devices such as mobile smart phones & tablets as more people in general are using these devices to search websites nowadays & search engines like google favour mobile responsive websites in their search results nowadays also.
      If you ever need any help coming up with a good niche as you mention i your comment drop me a line on my profile jonsey41 i will be more than happy to help you.
      Best of luck paul.
      Kind Regards,

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