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The Very Best Affiliate Marketing Training- and- website building Platform In The World By Far.

Wealthy Affiliate training is second to none,there are many scams online promising how you will make money and get rich quick and usually you will end up losing your money for joining,not to forget the time you wasted reading the rubbish that was meant to of worked for you and made you a internet marketer overnight,these such offers normally are scams,I have spent years scouring the internet looking for ways to make money,im wise and can easily/usually spot the scams (always do research on anything you have to buy into, they are normally scams,if it sounds to good to be true it normally is).

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Wealthy Affiliate Has A Free Starter Membership – Try Before You Buy.

The FREE MEMBERSHIP only requires an Email address,username,password and you are in for 1 week with full support 24/7 live chat,one on one help direct from the co-owners kyle and Carson,tonnes of video training to send you on your way to start building your two free websites which will still be there for ever on the platform for you to work on as usual whenever you like in the future,you will basically own that website for free.

Some of the key features will be locked unless you decide to go premium after the first week, these are very helpful features moving forward with your online business,i will list some of these below for you to help you understand how important these additional premium features are typically a must in moving forward if you are serious about building websites and affiliate marketing and making money online,Although the free starter membership will certainly get you on your way to building a successful website of your own in your own niche whether it be to sell your services as a business or a product website selling everyday products, or a website for a client you may have.

Key Features For Premium Members.

  1. Keyword Planner – ( Click here to learn more about the keyword planner )
  2. Certification Courses – ( 50 x Video Training With Tasks To Complete )
  3. Classrooms ( Thousands Of Classrooms )
  4. Live Video Classes ( Live Video Classes Every Friday )
  5. Rapid Writer – ( your Content Helper ).
  6. Live Chat 24/7 – ( help Whenever You Need It )
  7. 1000`s Of Helpfull Knowledgeable Members Willing To Help. ( 24/7 Live Chat )
  8. Questions & Answers Feature – (never Get Stuck Alone)
  9. Affiliate Bootcamp Courses –  ( 7 x 10 lesson courses, step by step video Training )
  10. Wealthy Affiliate Program – ( Get Paid For Referring Others To WA )
  11. One On One Support With Kyle & Carson – ( Co-Owners )

What Will You Get Within The Free Membership.

Wealthy affiliate offers a free membership with no credit card details or bank details required with “NO CATCHES or obligations to go premium,NO UPSELLS or HIDDEN CHARGES,This is how i started myself from a complete newbie to affiliate marketing apart from watching a few youtube videos by the which you may want to watch yourself to speed things up for you although some of his techniques are now outdated but still worth the watch to give you some general idea`s as to what affiliate marketing is and how it works,

I now have four websites of my own including this one you are reading, also have two clients i am building websites for at their cost,im not going to show you screenshots of the money I make but thanks to wealthy affiliate i am actually making money online already and enjoy what I do.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Before joining in may 20th 2015 I did my research on the company to see whether or not it was a legit company with so many scams being online and found all the reviews i found actually never had a bad word to say about the company, NOT BAD for a company that has been running since 2005 ,if you are reading this blog chances are you are looking for a legitimate company to help you make money online,if so then I can assure you are definitely in the right place today,i would suggest you do some research yourself on this company the same as I did looking for the BAD REVIEWS, well rest assured you will NOT find “ANY” no matter how deep you dig through google search engines so don’t waste to much time in doing so.

If You Would Like To See Some Real Success Stories From Successful Members Please Click Here.

Below Is A List Of The Features And Training You Will Get As A Free Starter Member.


What Will You Achieve Within The First Weeks Training.

This will depend on YOU  solely and how much work you put into it going through the lessons, completing the tasks that are set out for you going forward with your training, you will have ten lessons to complete within the free account which are very much simplified with step by step video training walking you through the process of the whole thing.I advise you to open two tabs on your desktop or laptop, one tab for the training in which you can pause as you go forward with the tasks, the other tab to complete your tasks as you go along through the training.(recommended).

What You Will Learn And Achieve.

  • How Affiliate Marketing Works.                                                                  

    learning road

    Road To Success

  • How To Join Relevant Affiliate Programs.
  • Understand How Making Money Online Works.
  • How To Pick Your Niche Market.
  • How To Use A Keyword Planner (Jaxxy Built In – 30 Free Searches).
  • How To Pick Low-Hanging Fruit Keywords For New Website.
  • How To Build A Website (Three Click Process).
  • How To Set Up Your Website.
  • How To Set Up Your Website For The Search Engines (SEO).
  • How To Find Content Ideas From Keywords.
  • How To Set Up Pages And Posts On Your Website.
  • How To Create Quality Content For Your Website.

By the end of your first ten lessons, you will have a fully functional website of your very own with pages built out for your readers to visit, once you have built your website pages it then requires regular posts with quality content related to your niche website.

Content Is King.

As you go forward in the training you will learn that content on your website is what makes your online presence with the search engines,the more regular you make new posts on your site the more you will rank for it in the search engines like google, bing and yahoo which is what you want for an online business, to be found in the search engines on page one preferably and this is most certainly achievable if you write posts regular enough, the google bots come running for new content and rank it higher in the search engines, dormant sites that are not worked on regularly can quickly drop down in the rankings against sites that are constantly updated.

seo process image

Search Engine Optimization

We call this SEO in the online business(search engine optimization),throughout the training at wealthy affiliate kyle the co-owner teaches all the latest SEO tactics of 2015 and so on as more years pass by he will continue to do so,along with live video classes every Friday teaching the very latest techniques going forward in the years to come,there is much need for this kind of practice with google algorithms changing and updating all the time, penalising sites for using older techniques like backlinking and black hat techniques that simply DO NOT work anymore, the best way today to rank in the search engines for your website is CONTENT CREATION as content is king.

Work On A Laptop Or Desktop.

(note:- This Program Is Not Going To Be Easy To Do On A Mobile Smart Phone) not recommended.

Although a larger iPad or android will be fine as there is far to much on the platform for visibility reasons,also usingWork From Home WordPress will be difficult on a mobile device,also copy and pasting URL’s etc is going to be more difficult on a mobile device also,my advice is to use a laptop or desktop to build your website`s on then use your mobile device to share links to your website`s where ever you wish too, like social media sites like forums – blogs – facebook – Pinterest – twitter – google+ and many more throughout the day or night to help you get visitors and potential customers to your website,you will be taught how to do all this within the training here at wealthy affiliate on how to build up good active social profiles to share your website`s content on.

Notice:- Wealthy Affiliate Does Not Like SPAM.

If You Are Going To Be Spammy Then I’m Afraid You Are Not Going To Be Welcome In The Community For Very no spamLong (This Will Be Noticed) and may well result in a warning first then your account being closed down if you continue to spam, the community and platform is designed for people who want to learn REAL online business with no upsells or promoting your own business or products on here,the platform is designed for people who are serious about learning how to make a successful online business with everything in one place for building it,no need to go off and pay for hosting your websites,or paying for domains (unless you want your own domain) or keyword planners (built in) or joining WordPress separately (Built-in) or separate email accounts for your websites (built in) or finding answers to your questions or paying for advice on what to do next (built in), this and more is all here with the wealthy affiliate community.

Want To Start Your (Free) Training?

Note:- your starter membership lasts for a lifetime with limited features unlocked for the first 7 days with an on-screen countdown timer from the moment you are inside the platform,be sure you will have time that week before joining to make the most of the included support features like 24/7 live chat & one on one support of kyle and Carson and access to some of the best internet entrepreneur`s across the country who are going to help you with any questions you may ask them along your way.

Your access to the platform after the 7 days is always there for you to continue to work on your website and is also hosted there for as long as you remain a free member, although some key features will be locked as mentioned above after the 7 days unless you decide to go premium.                                                                         stopwatch timer

If You Would Like To Join For Your Free Starter Account At Wealthy Affiliate Please Click Here.

Wealthy Affiliate are now offering a 59% discount for new members who decide to go premium in the first 7 days costing a measly $19 for the first month with the option to cancel at anytime also return to the platform at any time.

What Happens To My Website If I Decide To Leave.

Your siterubix website which is a free sub-domain will remain hosted on the wealthy affiliate platform forever and as long as you want to work on it for free.

If you go premium and register your own domain name and build the site on the WA platform, the site will remain hosted free for one extra month upon your cancellation,your website can be moved to any other hosting platform you wish to choose within that period of the given month,any siterubix domains remain hosted for a lifetime.

In my opinion, the monthly cost of wealthy affiliate equates to the cost of any decent hosting platform and you will certainly be getting a lot more for your money at wealthy affiliate, they have state of the art servers and your website loading times are very fast, but the choice is always going to be YOURS.

My Wealthy Affiliate Profile Name.

You can see my profile by clicking the link here jonsey41 on the WA platform, I  do hope to see you over there and I will personally welcome you on your arrival on the platform and also be there to help you along with your new online journey to internet success,you will not be disappointed once you get in,i look forward to meeting new members and helping them succeed.


Please feel free to ask a question or leave any comments or feedback below in the comment box provided for you, I will be more than happy to discuss or help you with anything.

Your Feedback and comments are very important to me.

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