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    • admin

      i would suggest that wealthy affiliate is most definately the best program to join,most being scams wanting money upfront with no real insight as to what to expect once you are inside,wealthy affiliate has a free starter membership where you can test the water with no bank/credit card details required,only an e`mail address/username and you are in with no obligation to upgrade,(not to forget TWO FREE websites hosted)
      In my experience it IS worth typing your way to success,the platform offers all and more than anybody could learn overnight and will lead to a long term business as long as you follow the advice in the training and stick with it.
      I hope you go on to try the free starter membership,you will not be dissapionted.

  2. Ken

    Like your site it is packed full of good information. I would say that wealthy affiliates is a great place to learn about on-line marketing.

    • Hi Ken,
      Im glad you found my articles about wealthy affiliate interesting,the information i provide is off my own personal experience working on the wealthy affiliate platform,its a great place for begginers also a great place for proffessional website builders.
      (think about it decent HOSTING ALONE costs as much as it does to go premium at WA)
      Join up for the free membership,try out the training for yourself,you have nothink to lose but your time,
      Thankyou For Visiting My Website,
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