1. Most informative page. I enjoyed the FB page set up and “Build your Website” both are the most important part of internet marketing.
    Thank you for making them available.

    • Hi Della,
      Im glad you enjoyed the videos on my blog,i hope that you learned a thing or two from them, your right in saying that both play very important role in internet marketing,especially having a website as without that then noboby would have their place on the internet,and facebook is a great place to share any content for readers to see, having billions of users each and every day.

    • Hi Donna,
      I hope you are able to take the information provided here and bring it into action for yourself with ebay & Amazon growing every day,the ready made websites are NOT ones iv`e made myself,they are actualy from a trusted ebay seller ive dealt with in the past who is always at hand when you need him,i recommend his services very highly to anybody who wants a ready made website to place there own affiliate links on to & do blog posts or add extra pages etc,without the hassle of building out there own website from scratch.
      If you ever need a hand going forward i will be more than happy to help you,just leave a comment here or e`mail me on the address shown on my website!
      Kind regards,

  2. Jason

    Thanks for the great info you provided here,I have now joined up for the free membership at wealthy affiliate which I am really enjoying,I have started building my niche website,the training is fantastic & very easy to follow,I’m actually loving it,what a set up,I never knew there was anything like this avaliable on the internet,I wish I had found WA years ago.

    I will be checking back to you if I get accepted for Amazon and eBay for more advice on what to do next with my website if they sign me up to the affiliate programs if that’s ok With you 😊

    • Hi Jason,
      Feel free to check back anytime,you can also get me on my profile at wealthy affiliate now you are a member,my profile is jonsey41
      Good to hear you are making a go of affiliate marketing,there is no better place to learn this business than wealthy afiliate,
      I will see you on the inside at WA!

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