1. Tina

    I really enjoyed reading your article. I have been throwing the idea of doing something like this myself. I really liked that you included success stories of others, it makes real that someone can succeed at Wealthy Affiliate. Can I ask how long it took you to get a good niche and good website going for it?

    • Hi Tina,
      Im thrilled that you enjoyed my article,if you are thinking of doing something like this then wealthy affiliate is most certainly the place to be doing it,as you seen in my article we are real people making a real success in online business thanks to the training wealthy affiliate provide on the platform along with the tools they offer withn the platform in order to succeed in this business,my answer to your niche related website question is it took me about 3 months to come up with a good niche website after wasting my time on a broad niche which i explained in my article,my advice to you starting a niche website is to narrow it down to a smaller niche with not so much competition,the jaxxy keyword tool can help you with this narrowing down,you can sign up for a free account and have 30 free searches,there is training on the platform as to how it works which i recommend you follow before starting your research.
      look for a fairly high AVG (Average number Of Monthly Keyword Searches).
      High Traffic (How Many Visitors You Will Get If You Acheive Page 1 On Google).
      Low QSR (the number of competing websites ranked in google for that keyword).
      My review on jaxxy key planner may help you here is the link, jaxxy keyword tool
      Let me know if i can be of further assistance to you.
      Kind Regards,

  2. Hi,

    Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a really great place to learn internet marketing and how to build websites.
    I would love to get really good at building websites and work from home doing that. It sounds great!

    • Hi Barbara,
      Wealthy affiliate teaches how to build wordpress websites from scratch,the platform is suited to proffesionals and newbies who know nothing about building websites or internet/affiliate marketing,if you can open up a web browser such as firefox or google chrome and type into the search bar,that is enough to get started,the website builder at wealthy affiliate simplifies the proces of building websites with no coding skills required,the way the world is going with shopping online and high street shops closing down fast,building websites is the way to go for the future as there is billions of internet users browsing the internet every day looking for information and looking to purchase goods,if you are looking to learn more and take a step into the internet marketing world then my advice is take advantange of the free starter membership.
      You have nothing to lose its completely free of charge (no credit card or bank details required to join) with no catches or obligations to go premium if you find its not for you,let me know if you need any further assistance,i will be happy to help you.
      Kind Regards,

  3. It was great to learn how people can learn online how to build a successful business. It appears to mm that Wealthy Affiliate has a great program for folks of all level. I do think this would be a great place for folks to learn more about the online world and how it truly works. I am looking forward to learning more about Wealthy Affiliate and the benefits within the program,

    • Hi ken,
      if you are looking to learn more about wealthy affiliate then i suggest you keep your eye on my future blogs & bookmark my site to return to it much easier in the future,the platform is for anybody who is looking to work from home in the online business,the training is phenominal and i dont believe you will find such a place anywhere else,its welcoming to complete newbies & already skilled internet/affiliate marketers with a whole community of entreprenuers helping one another to succeed,if you are serious about learning more about wealthy affiliate take advantage of the free starter membership which will start you off with 10 lessons,in which by the end of the lessons providing you follow the training you will have a fully functional wordpress website of your very own to work on whenever you like as the free membership is for a lifetime with no obligations to go premium & no upsells whatsoever,i hope to see you over there,be sure to visit my profile jonsey41 if you decide to join,i can offer you a helping hand anytime.
      Kind Regards,

  4. George

    Hi Simon,

    I just bumped into your site. Everyone is so thrilled about this WA opportunity that I thought I ought to check it out for myself.

    Those Success stories are impressive and they go to show that great income can be made online.

    I just have one question for you, being a newbie and all: I don’t have a programming background or major Web code skills so, you see, the website building thing kind of frightens me.

    Can I really tackle the website aspect of the business from the beginning without experience or extensive knowledge?

    If so it would be great to join and why not become a success story myself.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi George,Sure anybody can learn the online skills that wealthy affiliate teach,there is no coding whatsoever (so no worries there),

      The success stories on my blog are just a glimpse of a few members i picked out randomly,there is around half a million members at WA,many newbies staring from scratch learning their way thorugh the training & many very successfull entreprenuers “to learn from” on a one to one basis within the community on the platform itself.

      The website builder simplifies the proccess of building websites along with step by step training every step of the way – (so no experience needed just a good set of ears) – dont hesitate to join up and get started with the free membership,this will give you a feel for the platform,you will soon know if its for you or not.
      If you decide to join up and need a hand feel free to visit my profile jonsey41 anytime.

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